Charity Ponter Photography

Ocean Liner: band

Ben and Alison Smolin are local Birmingham, Alabama musicians and have just released their first self-titled acoustic album. as husband and wife rockstars, they have spent alot of time over the past few years making music together around town in their indie rock band. Ocean Liner is their latest project, and it boasts of some beautiful and raw lyrics and emotions.

the Smolins decided they wanted some simple and realistic photographs to use in preparation for the album’s release. i found the honesty of this particular shoot both refreshing and compelling.

I can personally recommend listening to their new album. Also, check out this video of one of the tracks.

The Smolin’s home is an older house in a neighborhood right down the road from where I live. Older houses have a mysterious power to make everything inside them photogenic. Hardwood floors, chipping paint, and odd treasures are scattered all-throughout and beg for representation on an image sensor.

Oh, and for the record, any car that has blue vinyl interior and a cassette tape player deserves to be part of any self respecting musician’s photo shoot…