Charity Ponter Photography

Gina Hurry: studio shoot


Gina Hurry

[ Visual artist & painter at her home & studio in Birmingham, Alabama ]

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Studio by the Tracks: show


A holiday open house benefiting the artists and programs at:

Studio by the Tracks

“Studio By The Tracks (SBTT) is a non-profit organization formed in 1989 to provide free art classes to emotionally conflicted children and adults with Autism Spectrum Disorder or other mental illnesses. SBTT maintains a focused, energized atmosphere that provides our students a haven in which to create. We encourage a supportive and non-judgmental climate necessary to nurture creative abilities, enhance self-esteem and explore alternative ways of coping with emotional and physical conflict.”

Natacosm by Little Forest: show


An enchanting night of both living and stationary installation art, celebrating the summer solstice.

Place: Cobb Lane Collective

Contributing artists: Dariana Dervis / Doug Balous / Anne Conway / Merliee Challiss / Melanie Colvin / Sarah Heath / Chiharu Roach / Raven Thrasher