Charity Ponter Photography

thomas jefferson hotel

this photo series captures twenty five scenes from the interior of the historic Thomas Jefferson Hotel in downtown Birmingham Alabama. the tower is renown for having

the last rooftop Zeppelin mooring mast in the world. these photos were shot throughout all nineteen floors of the building on the day before the building renovation

began. the Thomas Jefferson Hotel originally opened in 1929, and later became the Cabana Hotel in 1972. the hotel was shut down in 1983 and sat dormant for decades.

the building became the Leer Tower in 2005, later going into foreclosure. the lower level ballroom and restaurant fell into decay, and the individual rooms were left fully

furnished but soon became inhabited by vagrant squatters. in August of 2013, the tower was purchased by a group of investors. the former hotel will be one of the first

projects in Alabama to utilize new state and federal tax credits designed to spur redevelopment of historic structures. construction began in February 2015. as of May of

2015, the “Leer Tower” signage as well as the ground floor siding have been removed.

these photos are part of a limited edition encaustic series, no more than five of each of these photograph will be created. The back of each photo is hand-numbered and

initialed by the photographer.