Charity Ponter Photography

twenty five faces

the idea for this series of self-portraits began as an attempt to commemorate the passing of my twenty-fith year of life, and to illustrate the experiences and stereotypes

i’ve adopted and identified with along the way.

however, more than simply a count-down to turning twenty six, these photos represent the endless complexity of every person we meet. though stereotypes exist for

good reason, at some point they will always fail to accurately represent the subject. eventually, all labels become insufficient and our attempts to “put people in a box”

become nothing more than assumptions based on perception.

it will always be appealing to believe we can look at someone and decide what “category” to put them in based on how they dress, talk, or act, but in so doing, we miss

out on encountering individuals as the complex and delightful creations that they are.

this photo series was selected to be included in a juried show entitled “Schema: art about the self” by Manifest Gallery in Cincinnati Ohio.